Dan Kimbell Elected to Board of Huntington Medical Research Institutes

Dan Kimbell was elected to serve on the Huntington Medical Research Institutes (HMRI) Board of Directors at the January 2016 board meeting.  The HMRI Board of Directors members volunteer their time, energy and resources to supporting HMRI’s scientific mission of multidisciplinary, patient-focused research.  HMRI is dedicated to enhancing knowledge of diseases in order to improve health and save lives.  For six decades, it has been making biomedical discoveries and developments that have set new precedents in medical knowledge across the nation and around the world.  HMRI is a vital biomedical research organization with more than 47,000 square feet of research facilities and in 2017 will open a new 100,000 square foot research facility in Pasadena.  Among other things, as a member of the board, Dan will assist with the further developing HRMI technology and assisting with intellectual property law issues.